December 2018 BuJo Spread

I first heard about bullet journals in the spring of 2016, I believe. Typical to my headfirst ways, I immediately had to get the pens and the notebooks and the washi tape and everything else that goes along with the beautiful images of bullet journals on Instagram and Pinterest. It turns out that none of those things actually make me any more productive or more likely to journal. I’ve tried various other ways to keep myself organized over the years since then, but recently decided to try returning to the BuJo, though a very pared down version.

I’ll write more about what I’ve tried and what does/does not work for me with planners, journals, etc. soon, but for now, here is my spread for December 2018!


I use a pencil to mark out the boxes, then go back over it with a pen (usually my favorite - the Pilot Acroball) and add in the days of the week and the dates. I wrote “December” in a silver Sharpie and the tree, days of the week, and my birthday (yes, it’s on Christmas!) are all colored in with Zebra Mildliners.

I don’t actually look at this page of my journal very often because I rely very heavily on my Google calendars, but I do like to put everything here as a backup and because it’s a good way to remind myself what’s coming up this month.

Highlights for me in December include my 28th birthday, my family’s Christmas party that we have every year, and 12 whole days of getting to wear jeans to work! An educator’s dream!