What I'm Reading no. 1 - Sabrina The Teen-Age Witch

Around Halloween, my husband and I binged The Thrilling Adventures of Sabrina. It was completely different from the previous iteration of the Teenage Witch on TV, but so good! I had heard some people say that it was more similar to the comics or what they would expect from “actual” witches, and that piqued my interest in seeing the comics for myself!

I was not interested in paying hundreds of dollars or more for the actual comic books, but I found an anthology of every comic Sabrina appeared in on Amazon for less than $8! Score!


I’ve been reading through it slowly, just when I get bored of whatever I’m looking at on my phone or if we take a break in the middle of a show for my husband to feed the cats. It’s not what I was expecting somehow, and yet exactly what I should have expected for a spin-off from the Archie Comics. At this point I’ve read enough to see when a different artist drew the comic - the face and hair make it pretty easy to tell.


The main difference I’ve seen between the shows and the comics is that I haven’t seen Harvey whatsoever! Sabrina is boy crazy and it’s a different boy in every comic! And she’s not very good at magic. She does do the classic finger-pointing that Melissa Joan Hart’s Sabrina did, though! Her aunts are nothing like they are in either of the shows, and we don’t see Salem as much as I wish we did, but it’s cute and entertaining! I look forward to getting to the strips from the 1970s when she had her own whole comic books rather than just appearances in Archie’s TV Laugh-Out. Maybe I’ll have to read the other Archie’s comics, too if I like this one! And maybe I’ll get back into Riverdale. So many things to read and watch!