Guilty Pleasure - The Bachelor Starts Tonight!

I watched a season or two of the Bachelor when I was in high school, a decade ago now, but hadn’t watched it since then until Nick Viall’s season. I’m not completely sure what made me want to watch it that year; I just started watching it and was completely hooked. I followed some of his bachelorettes on social media, watched Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette, and season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. I even listen to Ben and Ashley Iaconetti’s Almost Famous podcast now! It just drew me in somehow!

I haven’t been a fan of Colton’s since we first found out he had dated Tia prior to Becca Kufrin’s season, so I’m not thrilled with him as a choice for the 23rd Bachelor. It wasn’t that he dated Tia then went on the show anyway - I always believed he was over Tia and it was completely on her end that there was still a spark - I just don’t think he seems sincere in anything that he says or does, and I am one of those people who really has to wonder “is he ready?”. I’m looking forward to seeing if he seems more genuine this season and how being the lead affects his maturity and readiness to find love and settle down.

My original plan was to post my reactions to all the women and then share my Fantasy League and Bachelor Bracket picks, but then I ended up on Reality Steve’s site and read a bunch of spoilers for the season. #oops #sorrynotsorry I don’t usually read spoilers for anything; for movies I’m really excited to see, I won’t even watch the trailer or listen to advertisements for it because I want to fully experience it in the theater. But since we all know this show is only barely “reality,” I thought it would be fun to know who he picks and then see if I can catch any of their little moments that led to love. Should be fun!

That being said, I am still doing a Bach Bracket since the points aren’t just from who Colton picks each week, but also from who gets the first kiss, who cries in each episode, if they get in a hot tub, etc., so it doesn’t feel like cheating cause I’m going to do poorly on that stuff. I’m just doing the Official Bach Bracket League. Here are my picks for this week:




Hannah G


Who are your picks for this week? Who do you think makes it all the way? Happy watching!