Does rearranging furniture count as a hobby?

Something I never give enough credit to is how much the space around me affects my mood (and therefore my productivity). I’ve moved offices all three years that I’ve worked on this campus, and I do always give quite a bit of thought to the placement of my desk and office supplies so that they would be within easy reach, but I never really thought about the placement of the cards and pictures on the wall in front of my face. This became very apparent to me when I started this blog and would sometimes take pictures on my desk here - I was having trouble keeping the kids’ toys and posters out of the backgrounds of my images, and the clutter on my desk was always being piled up on a chair for the duration of the photo-op, only to be a mess on my desk again shortly after.


As much as the title of this blog describes me in regards to new interests, always going headfirst into doing a bunch of research and then immediately buying the supplies needed, it also describes me when I’ve decided I want something. My hair is bothering me and I think about getting a haircut? You better believe I will be at a Supercuts that afternoon (or like last week, in my bathroom with hair shears cutting it myself!). Decide I want something in particular for lunch or dinner? I will be on UberEats or in the car to go get it within 5 minutes.

IMG_4552 (1).jpeg

It’s the same way with interior decorating. Rearranging my furniture and making a space more beautiful AND functional is such a good feeling for me. It makes me feel good that I did some physical activity to actually do the moving, and it gives me a clear goal to reach. It even was a kind of coping mechanism when I was in college; if I was anxious or upset about something, I would spend and hour rearranging my dorm room furniture to get my mind off of it and to get rid of some the extra energy my anxiety was causing. It’s also just fun!


I recently rearranged the two desks in my office at work and created a bulletin board to cover up the clinical white walls surrounding me. I also added a couple of new air plants and have been keeping my potted philodendron watered. The only things I purchased for this were the cork board squares (2 packs of four at a local hardware store), the desk mat which I got from PrintedDesignsCo on Etsy, and a gold colored soap dispenser that I have my hand sanitizer in (not pictured) so it’s not just a plastic thing of Germ-X. I also am loving what is basically a closet between my desk and the cabinets at the back of my office. It’s a great place to store all my outerwear and also to have some quiet time during my lunch break.

57038730770__419A4414-8703-40E8-BABF-80CBA322FA05 (2).JPG
IMG_4500 (1).jpeg

I scrounged up a couple of before photos, and am in love with the afters. So many earthy colors and living things and pictures of people (and animals) I love! Who knew my work desk could be one of my favorite spaces?


What’s your favorite fix for livening up a space? What does your ideal work space look like?